About Amie

Amie Tailor is the founder and Principal Planner of A Tailored Production. Amie shares with her clients, her years of event planning experience and more importantly, the comfort of delivering beautifully orchestrated events. A Tailored Production is Amie’s brain-child, her medium of converting her true passion into a service that brings peace of mind to her clients.


Amie’s creative and managerial skills bore fruition at a very early age, as she planned parties and gatherings for friends and family, in the suburbs of Chicago. As a budding leader and organizer at DePaul University, Amie planned a number of cultural and social events for her collegiate fraternity and university student body.


Amie brought her creativity to the Boston area, as she completed her MBA at University of Massachusetts. In her role as the chair of the Business School, Amie sharpened her organizational skills by shepherding multiple corporate, social and charitable events for the University.


The ability to managing and coordinate simultaneously and efficiently under time-sensitive constraints is a key ingredient to becoming a successful planner. Amie’s life and career experiences paved way to her tremendously successful launch of her dream, A Tailored Production. Since the firm’s inception, Amie has successfully planned and coordinated a number of weddings, social events and corporate functions all across the country.


In her own words: “I treat every client as my first and my best. At the end of the event day, when I see that restfulness in my clients’ eyes and the joyous smiles overcoming their emotions, I cannot ask for a better reward. I love making people’s moments precious and A Tailored Production helps me do that, every single day!”


No wonder, Amie has quickly risen to be the most sought-after event planner in the Boston and Chicago region. Amie has set her standards very high, to meet her client’s event planning needs.


As she proudly says: “A Tailored Production is not your every day event planning firm. We are a cut above the rest!”



Learn how Amie and her team can help you turn your event idea into a beautiful reality.